Review For SAMSUNG GALAXY Z FOLD 4 And Things To Expect


Operating SystemAndroid 12
CPUQualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1
Dimensions6.11 x 2.64 x 0.62 inches
Screen Size7.6 inches
Screen Resolution2,176 by 1,812 pixels
Camera Resolution (Rear; Front-Facing)50MP, 12MP, 10MP; 10MP; 4MP
Battery Life (As Tested)11 hours, 30 minutes


The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4’s flexible screen and strong multitasking support make it the best productivity phone available today by far.

At 6.11 by 2.64 by 0.62 inches (HWD) and 9.28 ounces, the Z Fold 4 is bulkier than other flagship phones, but that’s just the price you pay for power right now and it still fits comfortably into my hand in the closed position. For reference, the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max (6.3 by 3.1 by 0.3 inches, 8.5 ounces) and the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (6.4 by 3.1 by 0.4 inches, 8.1 ounces) are both lighter and slimmer.


Based on the evolution of Samsung’s foldable smartphone lineup, including the Galaxy Z Fold series, here are some general expectations for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4:

  1. Display and Form Factor: The Galaxy Z Fold 4 is likely to feature a foldable display design, allowing the device to transition between a smartphone and a tablet-like form factor. It may come with improved durability and refinements in hinge mechanisms. The specific display size and aspect ratio are not known until the official release.
  2. Performance: Samsung’s foldable devices typically offer high-performance specifications. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 may feature a powerful processor, ample RAM, and sufficient storage to handle demanding tasks and provide a smooth user experience.
  3. Camera System: Samsung pays attention to the camera capabilities of its flagship devices. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 is expected to have a versatile camera setup, potentially incorporating high-resolution sensors, advanced image processing, and software features found in Samsung’s other premium smartphones.
  4. Software: The Galaxy Z Fold 4 is likely to run on Samsung’s custom user interface, One UI, based on the latest version of Android available at the time of release. One UI provides software optimizations and features tailored to the unique foldable form factor.
  5. Battery and Charging: Foldable devices often require larger batteries to power the larger display and provide adequate battery life. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 is expected to have a battery capacity that can support extended usage, and it may also support fast charging technologies.
  6. Multitasking and Productivity: Samsung’s foldable devices are designed to enhance multitasking and productivity. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 is anticipated to offer improved multitasking capabilities, allowing users to run multiple apps simultaneously on the larger tablet-like display.

It’s important to note that the information provided above is based on general expectations and trends observed in previous Samsung Galaxy Z Fold series releases. For accurate and detailed information about the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, I recommend referring to official sources, tech publications, or expert reviews once the device is officially released and thoroughly reviewed.

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